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Why Didn't I Think of This Sooner?



From the Desk of: Nick Cifonie                  



I've been marketing online for over a decade, and running a digital marketing agency (Leads Ahoy) with my business partner Matt for years, and I've had this idea on my mind but I’ve kept it to myself until now…

I have talked to literally countless local business owners over the years who for one reason or another were either doing their internet marketing on their own, had someone in their office doing it, or had a cousin or "friend" helping them.  

In many (er, most) cases when I took a good honest look at their websites, ads, and social media strategies it became obvious that they could be doing so much better. 

Most of the time they "didn't know what they didn't know".

I would look into what they were doing and numbers and ask myself: What is their traffic source?  What is their posting strategy?  What upsells do they have?  What are they doing with their Facebook page?   What type of follow up email / direct mail / sequence do they have? How are they getting reviews? 

Some had little to no web marketing plan at all, but in some cases, they were doing what worked 5-6 YEARS AGO and lacked the knowledge of what was working now!

I would take notes and try to wrap my brain around it since the internet probably changes faster than just about any industry there is... 

I'm sure they stayed on top of the newest techniques in their industry, but why would they still use marketing methods that worked in 2010?

If they wanted to do their own marketing, then fine... I'm all for it... but it was frustrating to me to know they could be making so much more money with some small changes, had they only known what to do!

Well - a while ago, someone asked me - "how do you come up with some of the ideas you use?"

The reality is that we sign up for high-priced industry only services that give us the top (best of the best) performing secrets and strategies, allowing us to pin-point what is working and what isn’t. We're also involved with high-end mastermind groups, and we test test test test test! (then we test the test)

I'm also somewhat (ok, thoroughly) addicted to webinars and I spend 10-15 hours per week learning new strategies from top industry coaches and trainers.

And of course, I buy training products like they're soon to be extinct. (sorry Matt, lol)

So the thought hit me, obviously, if these are the best of the best techniques and they work for me and our clients, they'll work for someone doing their own marketing too! 

We just had to explain it in a way that someone who's not a marketing expert could understand and implement them!

We met, talked about the best way we could help people, and DIYLocal was born!

All of our resources give me instant access to what is working online - every single month.

I'm exposed to the best and newest secrets, the newest social media tips, Facebook strategies,  ad ideas, upsells, downsells and cross-sells, email tests and more are all at my fingertips. 

It's literally a treasure chest of the best web marketing techniques being used online -- all at my disposal!

So - why am I telling you all of this? 

For starters - I think everyone should go out and watch what other people are doing successfully, buy the training product(s), go through their social media and websites and take notes.

However I’m already doing this on my own, and I KNOW that my retail, contractor, legal and medical clients just don't have the time to study marketing like I do... so why not share my findings with you?

PLUS this way you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars doing research, paying for the newest products or spending your time learning it all!

Instead, we're going to share the results in a new digital magazine each month, produce new training videos twice a month showing you how things are done, and also send you a weekly email newsletter (probably more) handing you the cheat sheets and marketing results from thousands of hours of our, and other marketer's study and testing!

In addition, we've built a "training library" in the membership area that we're slowly filling with ebook, white-papers, videos and more!

Also, if you ever have a marketing question for us or just need to know something to "keep your agency or marketing guy honest" send it in... it might just save your butt, lol!

Sound good?

So go ahead and join now, and we'll see you inside our member's area! It's free!


PS- You might be asking "why are we offering this for "free" during our limited release? At first, we planned to sell the service (and we had people join) paying a monthly fee. ($49) But Matt and I discussed it and decided to give away some lifetime memberships to give-back to the small business community who has done so much for us, and hope that in exchange, when you're ready to outsource your social media, advertising, SEO, review automation or other services that you would consider giving us a shot. (no obligation of course!)  There's a section inside with great some services we provide or suggest... check them out. 

Nick Cifonie

Matt Lohse -

We Hand Over Simple, Easy to Apply Solutions that Anyone Can Apply...

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 Get Your Website on Page One of Google & Other Search Engines

Use Simple Methods to Get 5-star Reviews Regularly

Use Email to Sell More to Existing Clients & Find New Ones

Use Social Media to Get New Jobs, & More Referrals From Past Work

Get Seen More, Pay Less for Ads, and Make More $$$

Build an Email List to Sell More to Past Customers

Do You Have Questions? We're Here to Help!

In addition to the incredibly valuable lessons above that you’ll have access to immediately, We are also here to help answer your questions. Simply leave your questions in the comments below each lesson, and we’ll do our best to answer them as quickly as possible. This access to us directly is included for free in the DIYLocal program.

And during our launch a lifetime membership is free!
Why are we offering this for Free? What's the "catch"?
We've served countless local businesses over the years in our agency, and we learned that "one hand washes the other". So while you're doing your marketing in-house we want to help you out. In exchange, we hope that when you're ready to outsource, you'll consider us. In our members area we share a small number of services that we provide, and hope that you'd take a look... with no obligation of course.

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